Argyll’s team of consultants have fully transitioned to working from home following Government guidance on restricting social contact and flexible working in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Through the implementation of Landmark’s Business Continuity Plan, our team of consultants have adapted quickly, now entering the third week of remote working, serving our wide range of customers without limitation across a number of business areas.

All desktop reporting continues without interruption and standard turnaround times remain unaffected. In addition, typical communication channels remain in place and consultants are equipped to take phone calls and respond to enquiries as normal.
Argyll continues to quote for, and receive instruction on, core services including Flood Risk Assessments and Contaminated Land Phase 1 Assessments. While some elements of projects will be impacted such as attending sites, we are utilising all available resources to find solutions, including conducting phone interviews with site owners, and completing desktop elements while scheduling walkovers at a later date.
A number of long-term projects are continuing and third-party suppliers are maintaining good communication channels with us regarding proposals and project delivery.
Where Local Authorities either are closed or have informed us of long delays in responding to enquiries,  recently collected data and information is proving vital in enabling assessments to be revised and resolved in a timely manner.

Adapting to new ways of working has had some challenges, but a positive attitude from the team has meant we have been able to overcome these and establish flexible and efficient working procedures.Argyll are conducting regular team conference calls throughout the day with typical morning stand-ups replaced with video calls from our various interim office setups. 

We are regularly undertaking various team-oriented screen breaks including quizzes, meditation, and a new favourite guessing game of ‘which room am I in?’ Argyll has also implemented a buddy system to ensure consistent daily communication between individuals, alternating buddies at the beginning of the week, so experiences and perspectives can be shared.

As the situation continues to evolve, we are evaluating how other businesses are coping with the new normal, what they are doing to ensure high quality work, and maintaining morale during this difficult and unprecedented time.


Tom Venables BSc (Hons) MSc AIEMA FRGS
Team Lead, Consultancy

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