Argyll Environmental have recently carried out a ‘virtual site visit’ as part of a Phase One Environmental Risk Report in support of a planning application. The site is currently in residential use with associated grounds and outbuildings. Proposed plans are to construct three eco-friendly homes within the grounds of the property.

Correspondence with the Local Authority confirmed that this ‘virtual’ approach to a site visit would be acceptable, given the current circumstances we are facing. After conversations with our client and architect discussing the logistics, we concluded that a video call would be the most appropriate way to undertake this task. Using a site plan and information from historical mapping, we directed the client around the site, allowing us to see the areas of potential concern. Numerous questions were asked throughout and pictures were sent across afterwards. Of course, this did not come without some technical issues but our aims of the site visit were still met.

This report has now been completed and will be submitted to the Local Authority for approval. Whilst we understand that not every site visit is able to be carried out virtually, we are assessing each individual case to see if there is the possibility to do so.

If you are currently going through the planning process or are acquiring a site that needs an environmental audit, please get in touch with us.

Rosie Jones BA (Hons)
Environmental Consultant

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