17th Dec 2018

Case Study: Dinton Castle, Oxford Road, Dinton, Buckinghamshire

27th Nov 2018

Case one: Mill pond project, off Church Lane, Oughtibridge, Sheffield

23rd Nov 2018

This week the Argyll office did an experiment to find out how hard it would be to live plastic free for an entire week! We’ve summarised how everyone got on and our thoughts, challenges and highlights from our experience.

22nd Nov 2018

When it comes to plastic usage, the best way to ensure that you are not contributing to increased pollution is by looking at the waste hierarchy. In this blog we look at everyday ways you can reduce your plastic consumption at home, as well as looking at useful alternatives to break your single use plastic habits!

21st Nov 2018

Nowadays, the amount of reusable water bottles on the market has meant that choosing one can be quite overwhelming! To help you make a decision and reduce your plastic consumption, we have done some research into the different types of bottles, so you don’t have to!

20th Nov 2018

These days some types of plastic can be unavoidable. Rather than throwing it into your general household rubbish and off to a landfill, we wanted to give you some useful information about the different types of plastic that you may be purchasing, and what kinds of plastic can or cannot be recycled.